Emotional Door With Many Rooms

The Emotional Door With Many Rooms Section ~ Offers Lots to Think About

The Emotional Door With Many Rooms has a lot to explore when we open up this door.  Let’s examine what is inside, we may feel there are just too many rooms in this house but there are several rooms that we all have to live within.  Let’s take a look.

What’s Behind The Door

  • The Ourself Area ~ Things that pertain to our soul, who we truly are and what we don’t like about ourselves
  • Marriage Suite ~ Our lives with the one we married and made a commitment to
  • The Children’s Space ~ Our gifts from God, a large responsibility
  • Grandchildren Corner ~ Our legacy, our joy
  • Family Room ~ In-laws, extended family, blending them
  • Healthy Retreat ~ Our responsibility to take care of ourselves
  • Jobs/Finance Den ~ Please make the ends meet, be thankful, responsibility issues
  • Friendship Nook ~ Not enough time and a choice
  • World Event Box ~ Things closing in and we cannot control issues

Emotional Door With Many Rooms, marriage, children, family, relationships, work

The Emotional door with many rooms may leave you feeling a sudden grip that feels crushing.  Let’s breathe and note this is a lot to take in, to keep in check or order, but never the less we have to deal with.  Sometimes we truly must step back from this door before we walk in and ask ourselves important questions.

  • Are there rooms I can just not go in at all for a short time or close for good?
  • Do some of these rooms need rearranging?
  • Do junk and clutter need to be removed?
  • Are we using these rooms effectively?

Hopefully, by asking oneself these questions, it can at least give more insight to the steps one may need to take next.  Take time to pray and be cautious about your decisions to purge or close.  Remember it’s what the Lord wants, not us.

In the weeks ahead I will be peeping behind these doors and taking note of how we should proceed, Caution, work in progress, one step at a time!




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