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The one thing I have tried to instill in myself on a daily basis and my children and now my grandchildren is the Four Door Life Rule.  You may be asking what is the Four Door Life Rule.  It is what has kept me grounded at the core, it gives me a starting point for my day, pulls me in when life gets overwhelming.

In my opinion, we have Four Door Life that make us who we are and are with us every day.  We need to be willing to open them and have things in order as we start our day.  We live in a world that is everchanging and by following the Four Door Life Rule we can find clarity and purpose.  When I pray and open these doors, I spend time in self-examination where each is concerned.  I then seek the Lord’s counsel which centers me and leaves me peaceful. So here we go!   

 Four Door Life Rule

Four Doors of Life Rule, Organizing Skills for Life

The Spiritual Door of Life ~ The Purpose

The Emotional Door of Life ~ A Door With a lot of Little Rooms Behind It

The Physical Door of Life ~ Only One of You

The Financial Door of Life ~ The Responsibility

I will delve more into each one of these in the future post, in hopes of shedding some light as to how we can stay centered.  It does not matter if your a wife, mother, daughter, sister, grandmother, let’s face it life can be challenging. This is a good starting place overall as we walk through these doors.  It is my hope that you will spend some time opening up these doors and find a calm. That from the things I have learned you will find something helpful on a daily and long-term basis


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