I do welcome you to my little corner of the world and that you will find the post here on Joy Felt Journey an inspiration at all stages and a blessing you can apply to your life.  It is my hope that you will take some time to explore the blog and get to know me as well and to share your comments and thoughts.  We are in our beginning stage, please be patient as I add more articles for you to enjoy.  I have many more sections to add, but it will take some time.  You will find all sorts of articles in the weeks and months ahead on things we deal with at various stages of our lives as women.   The blog has something for everyone from the single ladies to the grandmothers.

The blog centers around the journey we take and the things we encounter along our walk in life.  The Joy Felt Journey should be a constant lesson we strive to learn and grow from in our daily walk.  To gather from the many blessings we have been given and seek joy in knowing that we have a Savior that guides in the good and the difficult times of life.

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 Joy Felt Journey Inspirations


Our Four Doors of Life 

This section deals with the Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, Financial aspects of life.  All of us deal with these four doors on a daily basis and there are ways for us to better prepare ourselves as we navigate our way through them.

Swirls & Twirls

Covers the different stages of our lives from single ladies to grandmothers and everything in between.  Coming Soon!

The Children Corner

Deals with all things children, whether that is your toddler or your grandchild.  We have different sections on the various ages of children, as we hold their hands and beyond. Coming Soon!

Bright Ideas

Allows us to get our creativity moving with crafts, projects, recipes, and links to other interesting sites.  A little spice to our life keeps us involved and not lost in the day to day challenges.  Take time for something fun, and smile.  Coming Soon!

So I invite you to embark upon this Joy Felt Journey Inspiration For Women.  I would love to hear from you as we walk this path together.