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New post | new products | fighting the devil, you read right!  Old slewfoot has fought me every step of the way with this blog.  Please keep in mind ladies, this blog is a labor of love.  I have had to teach myself everything from scratch.  The devil has fought me, the progress has been slow.  But, I am bound and determined he is not going to get the victory. 

This blog is something that God laid on my heart a few years ago and I put it off, due to another business I ran.  We sold that business the earlier part of this year(2018). Since then I have worked intently to get this blog put into the works and built.  I feel this is a part of the ministry God wants me to work in.   I prayed about this for years how God would have me to proceed and how I could best be used.  So if you wonder where I am with a post, please be a praying, cause more than likely the devil is fighting me.    

Blog Post We are Working On  

The Financial Door of Life, a Swirls and Twirls Section,  which deals with the aspects of being a woman.  Topics from being a daughter to a grandmother. Plus a Children’s Corner and a Bright Ideas Section.  The Bright Ideas section will have recipes, crafts, organization tools and links to sites we think you may find helpful.  

New Products We are Offering

You will also find we are now offering a few products and you can find them in our Store. We are constantly adding items so be sure to keep a look out for new products.  We will be offering items such as mommy/daughter outfits and Christian based reading material and gifts, plus instant downloadable gifts.  I am really excited about the products we will be offering as I think our readers will enjoy them. A lot of the products we will feature are products that I have used or read and recommend personally.

This is one of my favorite places to buy gifts and reading material, they offer specials quite often and even have a clearance section.  I buy a lot of my Christmas items off the clearance section, savings is always a win for me.   Click the link to start saving today. 
 Christian Gifts for Everyone  

Inexpensive Christmas Gift Idea

Wanted to give everybody a early quick tip on an inexpensive Christmas gift that you can give. Don’t have a lot of money, but have several friends you want to give a meaningful gift to.  Purchase a KJV Adult Coloring Book, color a picture and then put into a beautiful frame, along with a handwritten note on how special they are.  Just a few dollars, a little time and a thoughtful gift has been made.

They do have cheaper coloring books, but I feel this one is classy and well designed and makes for a great gift. Purchase the KJV Coloring Book here by clicking link below

2115980: Coloring Book My Favorite KJV Verses, adult coloring books, King James Version, bible verse coloring books. new post | new products | fighting the devil, joy felt journey post  


Coloring Book My Favorite KJV Verses
By Christian Art PublishersEngage with the Bible through the artistically expressed Scripture in this beautifully crafted Christian Adult Coloring Book. The pages incorporate a variety of delightful patterns, designs, motifs and ink drawings that serve as a background for the free-hand drawn Scripture from the KJV Bible. Relax and be inspired while you enjoy this meditative pastime. Because the one-sided pages are perforated, you can share the joyful pastime of coloring and display or share your artwork as a source of inspiration. The book is bound in heavy-duty stock with embossed text and design and lavish applications of spot-varnish and copper foil. (Scripture Artwork Taken From My Creative Bible KJV: Bible for Creative Journaling.)


We hope you have found our New Post | New Products | Fighting the Devil post informative as to where we have been and what we have been working on.  Thanks for your patience as we get up and running along, have a blessed day everyone!

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