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Trials and Blessings

The blog centers around the spiritual and emotional healing life of a grandma, mom, wife and daughter sharing with you in the everyday challenges.  These roles present challenges learned within my 58 years of life.  No one should take for granted any of these roles.  Each one holds a purpose in my life and probably yours as well.  I hope to give some insight from lessons learned through trials and blessings.  As individuals our whole well being should start with our spiritual walk with the Lord.  This gives us a good basis to handles the emotional issues of life.

Being married for some time i like to think I know a few things about marriage, lol.  Having been a mother over 40 years I would say has giving me some training in that area, with a few gray hairs I may add.  Being a daughter has made me look at all the pain and heartache I am sure I  caused my mom.  Whats not to love about being a grandma, truly a great gift God has given me the honor of.

While sharing with you some personal events of my life, the lessons the Lord has taught me and how I applied His teachings to my daily walk , I hope I can be a blessing to my readers and the Lord will receive the glory.

One of our main articles here on The Blog addresses The Four Doors of Life the spiritual and emotional healing daily needs, as well as the physical and financial.